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July 19, 2024 -- 8:54 AM
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May 20, 2024 -- 3:24 PM
posted by Al

Hi all!

Long time no post!

I'm currently working on a couple of unrelated universes to the Grandarmspedia. Still a work in progress, eventually I would like to create a site for them similar to the Grandarmspedia.

This is going to be a bit of an exposition dump so I apologize.

Aeternam Fall

Premise: The Universe was "blessed" by a visit from the Aeternam, beings with unfathomable power, technology, knowledge and patience from another dimension. Many species in the known universe were united under their banner, to fight against their opposites the Manretea.

Unfortunately it was all a ruse, the universe was merely a plaything for the Aeternam/Manretea. They left as suddenly as they arrived (their reason for departure is still debated to this day), after 10,000 years under their unifed rule the universe is in chaos. Old allegiances have been broken and new ones are being forged. The setting takes place 1000 years after the Aeternam's departure.

Universe concepts

Angling more towards fantastic ideas with fantastic consequences. Wanted something a little "harder" sci-fi then what I usually go for, in that energies or physics would have to be counteracted against instead of quickly hand waved away. The other concept was that humanity would not be the top of the heap when it came to fighting or interacting with other alien species.

Work in progress Asura class UAAA

Pictured in the link is my WIP for an Asura Class Ultratech Augmented Assault Armor or UAAA for the Terran Republic. Usually reserved as the elite of the elite that human forces can call on.

To don the suit a user must go thru extensive physical and genetic modification, essentially becoming a super soldier to even have a chance of using the suit without harm.

The main weapon is a railgun capable of firing shots at Mach 2000 speeds. To counteract the massive recoil a graviton cylinder is mounted inline with the barrel, several graviton cylinders are mounted in the binders of the suit and lastly the UAAA can fire spikes into the ground for anchoring.

Secondary arms on the binder provide additional firepower or utility as needed and this become an important factor as many aliens in this universe are multi-limbed.

Several nanoforges in the body of the suit provide the ability to restock ordnances or parts as needed in the middle of battle. There are ejection ports on each of the four shoulders to allow delivery of said forged items.

For defense there are several layers to protect the UAAA. Several strips around the suit are actually micro lasers/ micro explosive launchers to intercepts missiles, bullets or other physical objects. After this are magnetic and energy fields which serve to dampen or hopefully nullify physical and energy based attacks. Next up are plasma shielding and hardlight shield projectors, after this are graviton field generators to hopefully bend attacks around the suit. Lastly is the suits magnetically reinforced armor.

April 29, 2024 -- 3:01 PM
posted by Al

Hey every one! Still alive and kicking!

April 13, 2024 -- 1:11 PM
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Hey Beck!

April 11, 2024 -- 10:40 AM
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Hey Al!

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