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September 03, 2015 -- 5:48 AM
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August 31, 2015 -- 12:11 AM
posted by Al

August 26, 2015 -- 11:42 PM
posted by Al

August 25, 2015 -- 11:46 AM
posted by Al

Accounting is a good field to get into. Knew several accountants and they liked their jobs.

Unfortunately for me I am a engineer in the oil and gas field so I've been laid off the last couple months. Have some free time but really want to get a job in my area of expertise. Considering switching out of oil and gas but I think I may wait and see how the budgets for some of the bigger companies look in the next couple financial quarters. If they have the budget there is a good chance they will hire me due to how many years I have in experience and the types of projects I have done.

August 25, 2015 -- 5:01 AM
posted by Elephant

Accouting,BUT I need get through math ,English and politics at first.

Being a engineer.THAT`S COOL.

August 24, 2015 -- 5:31 PM
posted by Al

August 21, 2015 -- 4:50 PM
posted by Al

What is the subject of your postgraduate degree?

I graduated as an engineer.

August 21, 2015 -- 2:20 AM
posted by Elephant

I just got a wrong place to submit my message!
The host of blog would saw my word?okkka
well,how stupid I am ....

hi Al?
In fact,I have not been to someplace like you.Most of my time was spent on the study at school.Preparing a exam about go to postgruate.

August 19, 2015 -- 8:38 PM
posted by Al

Some of the things in the trip exceeded my expectation while some not so much. Learned Portuguese for the trip which was a challenge since I never learned Spanish and most people in my group did have that as a background or a previous language. Still some of the most friendliest people you will meet and made some new friends. I think I made myself too busy since I was taking language courses in the morning and training in capoeira at night which made this vacation not really feel like a vacation. Still saw some sights and had fun.

August 19, 2015 -- 6:21 PM
posted by Par

How was it, Al?

Also, Happy Birthday!!

August 12, 2015 -- 8:58 PM
posted by Al

Same just got back from holidays in Brazil. My martial arts teacher in capoeira got his contra-mestre cord from his teacher. Big celebration and all.

Where did you go elephant?

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